ShowingTime Is Live!

All MAPASS accounts have been transitioned to the ShowingTime system. Our data team will continue to work on merging all of your active and historical listing data into ShowingTime. Please double check your listings and email if you think anything is missing. More information regarding the do’s and don’ts along with other important transition details are below.


Updating instructions in the MAPASS system and not in the ShowingTime system will result in mishandling of showings.

If you wish to schedule appointments online and your MLS does not provide online scheduling (also known as EAS), you can do so by one of two ways;

Customers of MAPASS/ ShowingTime- Log into with your assigned username and password. Once logged in, click the “Schedule a Showing” button located on the home screen.
NON-Customers - You will need to create a free buyer's agent profile with ShowingTime. Visit and follow the instructions.

Questions? Contact us by emailing or calling (888) 627-2775

MAPASS Transition To ShowingTime

Earlier this year, MAPASS teamed up with ShowingTime to provide MAPASS customers with best-in-class service using industry leading technology. All former MAPASS customers have been transitioned from the MAPASS system to ShowingTime. Below is everything you need to know.

When Did The Transition Occur?

Tuesday, 11/11/14 for MREIS Customers Only

Tuesday, 11/18/14 11:00 PM for all remaining MAPASS Customers

When Can I Log Into ShowingTime?

Today! - All MAPASS accounts have been transition to the ShowingTime system. Visit and enter your assigned username and password. Most users can use the same username and password they used with MAPASS. You should have received an email around on or around Nov. 17th with your login information. If you are having troubles logging in please email or call (800) 379-0057

The MAPASS site will remain operational for a short length of time to provide customers with overlap so they can double check that all information was migrated properly. It is important to note that after your transition date, ALL SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE ENTERED/UPDATED WITHIN THE SHOWINGTIME SYSTEM ONLY. Updating instructions in the MAPASS system after your transition date may result in mishandling of showings.

What Do I Need To Do?

Review Training Content - Online help pages and video tutorials are now available for your convenience. The most important item to focus on is the Listing Worksheet. This is where you will provide showing instructions, access details and any restrictions needed for each listing.



Log Into ShowingTime And Review Showing Instructions - It is extremely important to review your showing instructions for each listing. ShowingTime will do its best to migrate information from MAPASS and review each listing; however listing representatives know their listings the best. Double checking each listing will ensure that all showings are handled smoothly.

What Won't Change?

Service Fees - Your current service plans will remain the same; you'll gain more features and benefits at the same rate!
Username & Password - Most users will be able to retain their current username and password they use to log into MAPASS for ShowingTime. You should have been notified via email with your login information. If you are unable to locate this email please email support or call (800) 379-0057
Phone Numbers for Scheduling - The number that agents and owners currently dial for appointments will not change.
Your Friendly MAPASS Appointment Staff - MAPASS appointment specialists have been working with ShowingTime from the start. Most of your appointment handling will continue to be managed by the same familiar voices you have become accustomed to working with on a day to day basis.

Will Historical Data Be Migrated From MAPASS to ShowingTime?

Yes - Our data team is working hard to ensure that all information, both current and historical, will be migrated from the MAPASS system and into ShowingTime. As the two systems are completely different from a technical standpoint, there may be a few bumps in the road. However if you find that you are missing any details, please let us know by emailing and our team will get right on it!

Will EAS Still Be Available For Scheduling Through The MLS?

Yes - The EAS (Electronic Appointment Scheduling System) will be updated with "ShowingTime for the MLS", the system that's in place in 80 MLSs across the country. ShowingTime for the MLS provides members in participating markets with a way to schedule showings online directly within the MLS. ShowingTime's sophisticated scheduling tools sync directly with ShowingTime's listing worksheet to ensure all listing instructions, exceptions and restrictions are followed for each appointment.
Buyer's agents who are not ShowingTime customers in markets where online scheduling is not available through their MLS can create a free profile with ShowingTime and schedule appointments quickly and securely through the ShowingTime system. Please note that only listings serviced by ShowingTime will be available to schedule on. Visit and follow the instructions to create your free profile.

For questions about online scheduling, please email or call (800) 379-0057.

What Is ShowingVoice?

ShowingVoice is an automated text-to-voice phone call which instantly calls buyer's agents and listing contacts to provide them with all necessary appointment details. ShowingVoice calls are clear, accurate and always allow a recipient to connect with a live person should they need to. Preview the sample below and listen for yourself.

New Features For MAPASS Customers

Schedule Showings 24/7, 365 Days a Year with Live Representatives
Beginning on Jan. 1st, 2015, inbound phone calls to ShowingTime to schedule or confirm showings can be made at any time, day or night. ShowingTime will not make outbound calls after 9pm local time, however. Until then, normal MAPASS hours will apply.

Mobile App Access
Download the free ShowingTime App from the App Store or Google Play to schedule showings, access appointment details, manage feedback and receive push notifications.

Monthly Software Updates
Our in-house product development team continues to provide new features and improvements to the ShowingTime system on a monthly basis. If there is a feature missing from ShowingTime that you enjoyed using with MAPASS, or if you have a great idea you would like to see added to the ShowingTime system, please let us know by emailing

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